Realizing a Clean Energy Future

Residential, commercial & utility-scale
renewable energy development.

Energy Independence for the American family



Average annual utility rate increase since 1970


Average equity added to home w/ solar

26% - 51%

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Percentage of system 
that government will pay in the form of tax credits

Earthwave Renewables LLC is South Carolina's premier solar developer, specializing in Residential, Commercial, and Utility-Scale solar development.

Unlike many other solar companies, our goal isn't to install as many panels as possible at your home or business. We take a more holistic approach by combining efficiency upgrades with renewable energy to reduce your overall energy consumption. Whether you need a new HVAC system, roof, or insulation... we got you covered!
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Fostering the Growth of Renewable Energy

The Southeast's Premier Renewable Energy Developer

Our mission is to realize a clean energy future through Energy Independence


Residential Solar Sales
EWR partners with South Carolina Renewable Energy Commission (SCREC) to ensure "TOP QUALITY" residential solar sales and installations for your home.


Commercial Solar Sales
EWR will install a customized Solar PV Energy system that fits your business, and that will take advantage of all applicable tax advantages.


Utility Scale Solar Development
EWR partners with Utility Companies and Electric Coopertives across the Southeast in order to bring clean energy to a grid near you!

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Creating a Better Tomorrow, Today

Earthwave Renewables Supports U.S. Jobs by Utilizing Solar Components Made Right Here in America!

Save Money

Save money on utilities and increase the value of your home by installing solar panels.

5 Star Customer Service

We go above and beyond customer expectations to ensure satisfaction.

We are a local, veteran-owned, and SC-based renewable energy company. We understand the true value of American manufacturing and the positive impacts it has on our communities.

We support American jobs and industry by sourcing our solar components from right here at home!

Your Home, Your Energy

Harness the sun's natural energy to power your home! Why send your hard-earned money to the utility company?

Evaluation & Consultation

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Save Money, Save The Environment!

Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product Innovation.

We're always looking for innovative ways to serve our clients. Need help getting a quote or have an idea for a project? Feel free to send us a message and one of our certified solar professionals will be in touch!

Environmental Sustainability

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